Your FINAL Sapling Address ( zs... )
Address to receive funds

Service Fee (deducted from payment) is 0.5%. There no Limit on how many PIRATE can be migrated.

How does it work?
1) You provide your zs Sapling address. That is the new address you want to receive the migrated coins to. (you will have to generate this in Agama or via CLI)
2) Get your Deposit Address by clicking Get Get Deposit Addres
3) You are provided with a zc Address to which you send your Coins from your current zc (sprout) address(es)
4) You are all done now you have to wait a little bit.
5) The Migration Process will migrate the zc funds to zs Sapling within max. 24 hours.
Contact CHMEX#0686 on discord if you have questions.