Before you Vote please read the KIP at Official Github

Once you have informed yourself Send your KIP0001 Coins to one of the following address. Burn address is an official unspendable Blockchain address to burn funds. It's not part of the proposal.

11 263 467 Votes 2 209 606 Votes 0.00889142 Votes
83.6 % of counting Votes 16.4 % of counting Votes -
83.6 % of cast Votes 16.4 % of cast Votes 0 % of cast Votes
5557 Transactions 5571 Transactions 1 Transactions
Yes: Reduce the active user reward amount to 0.01% APR
in order to decrease the KMD total supply over time.
No: Keep the active user reward amount at 5% APR. Burn: I want to cast my Vote and show I participated but I have no opinion on the KIP.
My Vote will be burned on the official Burn address.
Votes sent to that address will not be counted and yes and not be counted as no.
Info about Burn address