Dear Pirate!
When we forked to a sapling only chain, anyone who did not complete the migrate process before February 15th has had their funds locked.
This was to ensure that no exploit of the zcash inflation bug had occurred.
We have now a solution for your locked sprout coins.
After discussing options, we concluded that opening another migration window involves the risk of exploiting the sprout inflation bug*.
There are currently 1'294'336 ARRR/PIRATE locked in zc addresses.
The Community is currently collecting Donations for your refund.

If the raised funds are less than the claimed funds on 30 June 2019 you will get the proportional amount to your stake.
First Payout will start in first week of July 2019.

After 30 June 2019 you can still claim up to the end of the year 2019, we will refund you if we have funds left, first in first out rule applies.

In order to get your refund you MUST

1) produce the private key for your address for your zc address. Send the request to CHMEX#0686
2) provide a new sapling address starting with zs where the funds shall be sent to you need to be in control of that address.
3) indicate the % amount you want to receive of your stake. We suggest you claim less than 90%

This refund process involves a lot of work and uses a substantial amount of goodwill from the community and personal funds.
If you wish to Donate ARRR/PIRATE for this Community Refund please send them to

ARRR Donation Address (you can also point your mining gear to that address)
KMD Donation Address:
BTC Donation Address:

Please remember there was no ICO and no premining so any amount you are willing to waive or donate is highly appreciated.

Thank you


How do I produce the viewing key?
- If on CLI type this:
./komodo-cli -ac_name=PIRATE z_exportkey ZCADDRESS

- send your private key to or discord to CHMEX#0686

You can find all the contact information on GitHub including PGP Key.
You can also send a 7zip / zip / rar file and password protect it
Once received I will verify your claim and confirm.
Payment/ refund to your zs address will happen in July
*read about it here